How to Choose the Best Nightclub POS System

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Getting the best nightclub point of sale for your bar is crucial. The point of sale system that you choose today will have an absolute effect on your business for years to come.

Nightclub POS systems should be built specifically for nightclubs. A generic point of sale just won’t cut it. Rezku POS is built for nightclubs and bars from the ground up. It’s designed to work the way you do.

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The Best Nightclub POS Features

Talk to your friends in the nightclub business. Find out what they have to say about their experiences with different POS systems. What features do they wish they had? What could they never live without? What problems do they wish they had avoided?

That’s the kind of research that has gone into designing Rezku POS to be the best point of sale for nightclubs.

The most important nightclub POS features:

  • A system you can count on to be reliable
  • Credit card payments when the internet is down
  • Access to system management from anywhere
  • Bar tabs are managed in a fast and organized way
  • Custom credit card pre-authorization amounts
  • Auto-start tabs when opening an order
  • A speed menu for top selling drinks
  • Drink recipes built into the POS screen
  • Inventory management and bottle tracking
  • A multitude of liquor tracking integrations
  • In-depth reporting for total control

A Nightclub POS You Can Count On

The Rezku Point of Sale System for nightclubs is based on industry standard hardware and technology, names you know, that deliver affordable quality and reliable success. We have brands you can trust so you don’t have to worry.

The Performance of Apple’s iPad

Apple’s iPad is the number one selling tablet computer for a good reason. iPad is proven to be a secure and robust solution. iPad is the first choice for commercial and industrial applications. From law enforcement to emergency rooms, iPad reliability it is second to none.

Apple has earned its reputation for superior customer support. Every iPad comes backed up with a one year AppleCare warranty. When choosing a point of sale for your nightclub will you trust a no-name tablet with hardware of questionable origin? Or will you rely on the well established reputation of iPad?

Hospitality Industry Standard Epson Printers

Epson has established itself as the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial printer hardware. Epson printers have held their place as a trusted name in reliable printing for generations.

Epson printers are the workhorses of the hospitality industry. Day in and day out they chug along, printing countless drink orders and receipts, braving the heavy use and messy conditions of a nightclub environment.

Concierge-Level Service and Support

When you need help can you really count on your nightclub POS company? Before you choose a POS system call their technical and customer support line. How long did it take to get a straight answer? When your staff calls from the bar will they get a run-around or actionable solutions? These are important questions you need to answer before you buy a nightclub POS.

The Rezku customer support team is trusted throughout the hospitality industry to provide the best dedicated customer service experience in the business. Call day or night and you’ll reach a live advisor who understands. The Rezku team provides definitive solutions with no BS. Emails are answered in minutes, not hours, and chats get a response right away.

When customers are waiting on you and moments count, the level of POS support service you receive matters.

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Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants

Cloud POS System Enhancements

The Rezku POS system is a hybrid-cloud based point of sale giving you the best of both worlds. All the advantages of an always-connected platform with the flexibility and data security of an offline system, without the added cost of a dedicated POS server.

Seamless Offline Mode With Payments

When your ISP goes down does it take your POS system down with it? Or can you keep taking credit card payments? Does offline sync happen automatically or does it cause bookkeeping errors? Unfortunately, the internet sometimes has issues. But you’ve still got a business to run. Your nightclub point of sale shouldn’t let you down.

Rezku developed a revolutionary POS offline mode that is 100% PCI compliant. Everything just keeps working. Tickets print to the bar, orders can trade between tablets, and bar tabs still work. You can even keep taking credit cards.

When your internet kicks back on the offline data automatically syncs to the cloud. Without you having to do a thing. You may not even notice you were ever offline.

Total System Management From Anywhere

Imagine being anywhere with an internet connection and having complete control of your nightclub POS system — control in real time that syncs automatically across all systems.

From checking sales to auditing labor, to modifying the menu and more, anything you can do, you can do remotely. No longer stuck in the back office, it goes with you 24/7.

The power to control your business is in your hands because Rezku POS saves your nightclub data in the cloud, backed up securely and automatically. It is never deleted and doesn’t expire.

Moving at Nightclub Speed

Is your nightclub POS built for speed? Rezku POS is. When you’re serving drinks fast you need a point of sale that can keep up.

Menu Design The Way You Want It

Organize your nightclub menu the way that works for you. Build unlimited products, categories and submenus. Rezku POS’s flexible design lets you decide how to flow orders.

And our team of dedicated customer support members assist you all along the way.

For extra-fast ordering from the main screen use a bar speed menu. And when not sure just how a cocktail is made, just pinch to zoom on any tile to get a full recipe to house standard.

Optimized Tab Organization

You can’t waste time searching through unorganized bar tabs. Opening and closing tabs efficiently is definitely priority one on a busy night. Your POS needs to make tab management intuitive.

Rezku POS arranges tabs automatically in two views, tile or list. When you run a card for a tab it pulls the name right off, so you don’t have to enter it. You can even start a credit card tab automatically at order start to save yourself from extra tapping.

And the best part? Your patrons get their credit cards right away, with pre-authorization limits that you set. They don’t even have to come back to close their tab, and there are no lost cards at the end of the night.

Master It all From Anywhere

How well does your current POS keep you informed? Do you have any idea how many comps and discounts are being given each night? Are your bartenders over-pouring? Profitability depends on every sale. Your nightclub POS system needs multiple tools to monitor employee activity.

Pour Enforcement and Inventory Tracking

Inventory audits are crucial to minimize employee theft and over-pouring. Rezku POS features native liquor inventory tracking. And has additional integration functionality with industry-standard pour tracking systems you may already be using.

  • BarVision
  • BeerBoard
  • Bar-I Liquid Accounting
  • Beer Saver
  • Digital Pour
  • BevChek

With all these tools for monitoring nightclub sales your profits are protected.

Discount Reports and System Permissions

Do you want to know exactly what is going on? With detailed reporting you can see every transaction each staff member rang up, and if they gave discounts, refunds or comps. Each one is listed with a reason, to judge its legitimacy.

Rezku POS system permissions can be set on a per-user basis so you have more control. Operations require secure PIN entry. Lock down what you need to while providing access to those who are trusted.

Detailed Reports and Sales Data

The nightclub POS system you choose should have the reports you need. You want to see patterns and read between the lines. Rezku POS provides detailed reporting that is always live and accessible right from your pocket.

Dashboard infographics put everything you’re interested in right on one screen. And automated custom daily report emails are sent every day.

You never have to make a backup because all your data is stored in the cloud automatically. It’s your data and will never be deleted.

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Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants


Finding the best nightclub POS is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make for your business. If you’d like help determining which POS system is the best for your nightclub, give Rezku a call. You’ll get a free personalized one-to-one consultation. Let us know what matters most to you. Try Rezku POS for free today and see for yourself, with no obligation.

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