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Nightclub POS

Powerful Nightclub POS for Service Excellence

Fast, reliable and easy to use – no other Nightclub POS stacks up to Rezku. When the venue is packed, to keep the good times rolling, you need a Nightclub POS you can count on.

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Nightclub POS

Built for America’s Busiest Nightclubs

Start and open tabs in seconds – and hand back the customer’s card.

Fast-chip card readers reduce payment time when it’s most critical.

Find and modify tabs instantly – even with hundreds of tabs open.

Train new bartenders to take drink orders in 10 minutes or less.

Swipe to re-order drinks in seconds from the main screen.

Move drinks between tabs quickly when friends buy a round.

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Rezku’s Nightclub POS Gets the Job Done and Get’s Out of the Way

Nightclubs need a point of sale that is reliable and easy to use, even during the most hectic parties. Put drink orders in faster. Get orders from booths and tables to the bar instantly from mobile POS tablets. Rezku’s unique offline mode keeps everything going – including payments – even if the internet goes down, for up to 3 days.

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Security to Protect Nightclub Profits

You decide who can do what – Individual permissions to customize access.

Advanced logging to pinpoint theft maximizes accountability and prevents loss.

Enable 2-factor authentication to eliminate unauthorized access to back office

Out-of-scope PCI DSS secure encryption protects payment data at the highest level.

Suspicious activity reporting protects operators from over-pouring and unauthorized discounts.

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Control Your Nightclub from your Smartphone

Dedicated manager’s app gives you full access to data and settings.

Unparalleled reporting and tracking of everything for your business.

Monitor stock, track sales, view and edit employee time and more.

Grant reporting access to your accountant for bookkeeping made easy.

Customize reporting to reveal deep insight into your business and revenue.

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You Are Never Alone

Level 3 live support always available to you without any fees or limitations.

Connect by phone, chat, email and receive a rapid response.

Get your problems solved immediately without a gatekeeper or scheduling.

Unlimited remote menu building, training and product setup assistance.

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