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Customer Facing Display

Dual Screen Restaurant CFD

Wow your guests with a large branded screen showing your customers' orders as they’re built. Eliminate confusion and get it right at the source, for a better guest experience.

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Customer Facing Display

Keep orders simple and transparent

Empower your customers to participate as orders are built, confirming accuracy and price on the CFD. Speed the line up with ultra-smooth transactions every time. Stop wasting paper with unnecessary receipts.

  • Maximize up-sale opportunities
  • Transparent orders and payment
  • Reduce payment friction and speed up the line
  • Show your brand in the best light

Get a major increase in tipping

Onscreen prompts for tipping on the CFD increase the likelihood of a tip by 30%, rewarding your staff for great service and significantly boosting morale.

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Impressive visuals for your customers

Rezku’s Customer Facing Display is larger and more captivating than other systems. Customize your display themes and images that fully express your brand identity.

customer facing display showing ice cream coupon

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