Customer Facing Display

Show orders to guests as they’re built

Firework 1 Firework 2 Customer Facing Display
  • Custom colors and themes
  • Set your own logos and images
  • Minimize the need for paper receipts
  • Also shows specials and promotions
  • Reduce errors and refunds
  • Included free with Rezku

Engage your customers at checkout with Rezku Customer Facing Display (CFD)

  • Maximize Sales Opportunities

  • Get Your Message Out

  • Save Receipt Paper

  • Make Payment Transparent

  • Encourage Tipping

  • Promote Your Brand

Your personalized digital advertising display

Digital advertising displays work. P-O-P (Point of purchase) advertising affects 75% of on-site consumer purchasing behavior. 31% of brands studied experienced a 20% lift in sales after increasing their in-store advertising.

What could a 20% increase in sales do for your business?

Background graphic Your personalized digital advertising display
CFD screensaver example
CFD screensaver example
CFD screensaver example
CFD screensaver example

Inform guests and reduce payment friction

Everyone likes to know exactly what they’re being charged. With Rezku’s customer facing display your guests see exactly what they’ve purchased and what they’re paying for before they swipe their card.

Eliminate post-sale disputes for charges. Ensure staff accuracy when ringing up orders. Save time by reducing the need to issue refunds.

Reduce payment errors and keep your customers in the know.

Increase average tips for happier staff

It’s a fact. The more customers given the option to tip, the higher your average tips are. This is especially important to staff members working the counter, where tipping is sometimes forgotten about. By putting the power into your customers' hands to effortlessly hit a button to leave a tip, they can do so without pressure or obligation.

Make tipping easy for your guests by presenting the option at every checkout.

Increase average tips for happier staff
CFD Order Screen
CFD Order Screen
CFD Order Screen
CFD Order Screen

Rezku CFD is uniquely “You”

Rezku CFD is uniquely “You”
  • Choose your own restaurant’s logo

  • Pick a personalized color theme to match your branding

  • Load unlimited custom advertisement and promotional screens

Learn more about Rezku Customer Facing Display

Rezku is an all-in-one platform for hospitality businesses that includes everything your busy venue needs: payroll to inventory management to loyalty promotions and much more.

Rezku is designed by experienced restaurant management experts to work the way you do.

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