Restaurant Decision Making

POS iPad

Your team expects answers. You expect results. Taking the right action requires insight. Rezku provides the data you need to make critical business decisions.

When you need answers, pull up the infographic dashboard on any POS tablet. Get the stats that matter most. Including best sellers, average spend and current labor cost. Providing peace of mind that everything’s running smoothly, or alerting you when action is required.

But what if you’re not on-site? When you’re on the go, in the car or at the gym you have access on your phone to all reports, all orders and all timecards anywhere you have internet. So you’ll never feel like you’re the last to know or at a loss for answers.

Every morning, wake up with the news that matters. Daily email reports are sent to your inbox automatically. Keeping you in the know, and up to date. Email key data required by investors, bookkeepers and management team members so everyone is always on the same page. Save time by focusing meetings on decision making, not getting everyone updated.

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