Restaurant Delivery System

Add delivery with caller ID to your restaurant today

  • Driver instructions
  • Google maps integration
  • Delivery zone with fees
  • Caller ID integration
  • Full integration
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  • All restaurants need takeout and phone ordering

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    The ability to provide off-premises dining is critical.

  • Online delivery is a 200 billion dollar market

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    Get your piece of this growing industry and sustain your business.

Everything you need for restaurant delivery service

Rezku includes incredible delivery features for any type of restaurant.

Phone Deliveries with Caller ID Firework 3 Firework 4

Phone Deliveries with Caller ID

Just pick up the phone and start taking orders. Saved customers pop up automatically. View customer location and assign a driver.

Order management queue with pacing Firework 5 Firework 6

Order management queue with pacing

Takeout, online and delivery orders need additional management. With pickup timer and status, pace the kitchen and mark orders “done” when picked up.

Deliver online or offline Firework 7 Firework 8

Deliver online or offline

Rezku gives you the most included delivery features. Fully integrated with online ordering and payments. Get paid first, with online and over the phone payments.

Get it there. On time, with everything.

Detailed delivery instructions tag

Customer address, info, order contents, pickup time, condiments and additional notes all in one place to help drivers stay organized and up to date.

Firework 9 Firework 10 Get it there. On time, with everything

Delivery can be a game-changer for the profitability of your business.

Advanced delivery features are included free with Rezku

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