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Employee Management

Employee Management that Seems Effortless

Free with your Rezku subscription

Lower your labor costs and reduce bookkeeping hours with Rezku’s simple to master integrated timecard and payroll system.

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Employee Management
  • Integrated timecard system
  • Clock-in/out on screen
  • Off-clock access restrictions
  • Photo enforcement for punches
  • Labor cost analysis dashboard and reports
  • Easy payroll exports with bookkeeper access
  • Complete employee profiles
  • Shift management app integration

Profit-Saving Labor Controls

Control your labor costs before payday with real-time labor tracking. Staff with intelligent data that helps you predict profit and customer volume in advance, so you have just the right amount of labor scheduled for excellent service every shift.

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Bookkeeping and Payroll

Payroll is calculated automatically based on employee position, pay rate and hours, saving you hours of work. Grant bookkeepers and managers access to employee timecard records and labor reports for off-site access, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Payroll on Rezku Manager portal

Trust-assured Secure Timecard System

Make sure that everything is above board with built in timecard integrity enforcement. Clock-in photos ensure the right person is being paid, and access is restricted for employees who are not clocked in.

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Simplify your employee management

Save money and keep it simple with Rezku’s included timecard system. No third party fees or switching between stations. Employees clock in and out directly on the POS.

Employee login screen on Rezku POS

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