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Labor is expensive! You need expert tools to track staffing costs and maintain compliance. Rezku helps you to effectively manage your entire team.

Why pay more for a separate timecard system? Rezku POS includes a complete labor management and timecard system with advanced features like swipeable ID cards, security images and break enforcement. The best part? It’s easy to export labor records to your preferred payroll service, like ADP. And since all labor records are stored in the cloud, data retention compliance is automatic!

Motivating employees can be a challenge. Track employee performance through in-depth reporting. The Top Servers report makes it easy to run contests and creates incentives to up-sell and provide superior service, while every comp, discount and refund is also recorded, just in case.

But building a team that is satisfied and productive is more than that. You’ve also got to create schedules every week that work for everyone. And make sure tip sharing is done fairly. Rezku helps you take the burden out of these calculation tasks through integration with 7shifts and TipSender. So you have more time to take care of guests and manage where you’re needed.

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