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Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for fine dining restaurants of all sizes.

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Fast Training Times and Increased Productivity

With Rezku Point of Sale, you can fight against long training times. Unlimited product specific modifiers means eliminating long lists of irrelevant “add on” modifiers. Rezku POS is designed to be the most intuitive fine dining point of sale you’ve used.

  • Operate the system with just 15 minutes of training
  • If you can use your iPhone you can use Rezku POS for fine dining
  • Intuitive custom interface implementing the latest UI design research
  • High resolution product images to help identify items quickly
  • Color code your menu to help new servers learn
  • Prompt servers with menu item descriptions, just a tap away

We help you design a custom order workflow that’s right for your fine dining restaurant. And you're always just a support call, chat or email away from a real, live person with food service experience that cares and understands your needs.

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  • Item descriptions work as “cheat sheets” for new servers
  • Forced and unforced modifiers to make sure the kitchen gets accurate orders
  • Table service with floor plans to keep things running smoothly
  • Easy to read dashboards show you all the details
  • Check on the performance of your promotions
  • Monitor employees and verify timecards
  • Easy menu design with a drag and drop interface
  • Export your data to spreadsheets for advanced analysis
  • Per-server product sales reports to find superstars

Learn what Rezku POS can do for your fine dining restaurant

Classy Tableside Service With Latest Technology

With tableside POS service you eliminate all the back and forth and keep servers in their section attending to guests. Now that’s efficient! Rezku POS has all the tableside POS features a fine dining restaurant needs.

Tableside ordering means only putting the order in once

Detailed custom floor plans for table management

Pay-at-table moves guests through quicker without rushing

Merge tickets from the bar to the dining room with just a tap

Unlimited floors and sections so servers stay organized

Rezku POS also has party size tracking, gratuity for large parties, tip suggestions and per-server cash management to make life a little easier for front of house staff.

An Offline Mode That Won’t Let You Down

A POS system that doesn’t have a bulletproof offline mode just won’t work for fine dining. Your customers expect great service, every time. Even without internet Rezku POS will keep going. You may not even realize it’s offline.

Unique hybrid-cloud technology secures your data off-site and keeps performing even without internet

Stable, affordable and easy to use, because it’s built on iPad technology

No on-site server PC to go down and take your system with it

Keep taking payments even offline — don’t miss a single sale

Unlimited US-based tech support has your back day and night

When reliability counts, you can count on Rezku POS for fine dining restaurants. Best in class hardware and software maximizes your uptime and gives you peace of mind.

Remote Management Saves You Time To Get More Done

Imagine not having to be in your office or laptop to work. View dashboards on the go to get a clear idea of service performance – but that’s not all. Because of the secure cloud and Rezku POS mobile back office, you have full access to all the reporting and configuration changes you have in the desktop version.

Data is secured permanently in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

View sales reports from anywhere, you’re always in the know

Edit timecards and manage users, reset forgotten PIN numbers

Update menu items, add specials and adjust pricing right on your phone

Gain 24/7 remote access to the complete Rezku back office suite of fine dining restaurant management tools. Work more efficiently while away from the restaurant, on the go.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Day or night you can reach a real person passionate about your business' success. Integrated chat on our apps, website and email, and our phone support gets you answers fast.

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