How Rezku Works

There’s a lot of amazing tech under the hood of the best iPad app for restaurants. We understand that you need a restaurant app that works for you, not the other way around. You want the best features that help you get more done, make more money and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

This guide will help you understand how Rezku is different, using the latest technology to solve the real-world problems faced by the food and beverage service industry.

The best restaurant hardware keeps working

iPad System

iPad Software Leads The Way

You deserve the best in your restaurant so it starts with the best modern computer — iPad tablets. Use the same industry leading technology in your restaurant as pilots, firefighters and EMTs. Rezku capitalizes on iPad’s innovation to bring you an amazing restaurant app you have to see to believe.

Restaurant printers

Printers That Won’t Quit On You During Service

Printers by Epson have a well-earned reputation for being bulletproof. In both the battleground of the kitchen and the front lines at the counter, these plucky devils just keep chugging along for years — saving you money and saving you from down-time.

Restaurant security

Lock Your Payments In a Virtual Vault

An army of hackers is trying to break in and steal your customers’ valuable payment data. Rezku uses card readers from Ingenico and MagTek – payment encryption hardware and software that protects your data and reduces your liability. And you don’t have to do a thing but keep swiping, and getting paid.

Advanced app design works for you

Restaurant software

You Deserve The Best

Your restaurant software should impress you every day with its affordability, reliability and ease of use. Rezku is dedicated to bringing you the best of everything, including the best tools to help your business thrive and the best support when you need it. You want a software company that’s committed to the success of your restaurant.

Just Pick It Up And Go!

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get started with Rezku. Crafted with the latest UI design research and lightning fast touchscreen controls just tap and swipe on a menu designed your way.

Total Management From Anywhere

Master complete control of your restaurant from your smartphone or any internet connected device.

  • All your reporting
  • Drag and drop menu editing
  • Manage employee labor
  • Update prices and specials
Working remotely

No Internet? No Problem!

How does a modern restaurant system without an on-site server still provide a full offline mode? The truth is that most of them can’t. But you can’t be left dead in the water in the middle of service!

Rezku has a true offline mode that works seamlessly and you can still take credit card payments offline. Most tablet based systems can’t. Or they require an on-site server.

  • Take and Make Orders – They still print to the kitchen
  • Provide Guests With Receipts – They’ll never know you’re offline
  • Credit Card Payment – Stored safely and automatically sent when you’re back online
  • Offline Order Sync – Trade orders between tablets and sync to the cloud when connection resumes

How getting started works

Get In Touch With The Experts

You want software that adapts to the way your restaurant operates. Whether that’s tableside ordering with or without payment, counter service, or at the bar. You need software that adapts to your service type and cuisine. You will find the specific tools you need to efficiently ring up guests in Rezku.

Your Personal Restaurant Management Consultation

Spend as little as 15 minutes or as much time as you like discussing your restaurant goals. Are you replacing old hardware? Opening a startup? What is your restaurant concept? We want to hear all about it!

Get A Tailor-Made Demo

We promise to never waste your time. Get all the details on what matters most to you and not what doesn’t. Our job is to solve your problems and help you reach your goals.

Use Rezku In Your Restaurant For Free

Your restaurant software shouldn’t let you down. Your business and your future depend on having the right tools and up to the minute information at your fingertips.

Sign up for a free trial today and we’ll get everything started for you. All it takes is an iPad!

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