Restaurant Inventory Management System

Included with your Rezku POS subscription

  • Automatic 86ing from the POS
  • Update inventory as you go
  • Food cost analysis
  • Low stock warning emails
  • Automatic inventory usage reporting
  • Ingredient level inventory tracking
  • Theft deterrence and auditing
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Product level inventory management

Easy, transparent, immediate

Auto 86-ing

Manage your product stock levels and 86 automatically. Set product availability ahead of service, each product sale is recorded. When the level reaches zero it’s removed from the menu–it’s that easy to keep your inventory updated at all times.

Product level inventory management Product level inventory management
  • Managers set stock levels remotely or from the POS for convenience.
  • 86 at any time–synchronized automatically to every server’s iPad.
  • View product sales reports to get a count for every hour, day, week or month.

Ingredient level inventory management

Manage inventory down to the ounce

With ingredient inventory, every POS sale automatically adjusts stock levels for your raw ingredients. Receive daily email reports with ingredient levels so you never run out. Update inventory from one page and get food cost analysis.

Ingredient level inventory management
Ingredient level inventory management Ingredient level inventory management
  • Never get caught unaware with low level warning emails. Set a par and order before running out.
  • Automatically calculate food costs based on component ingredients to protect margins.
  • Staying on top of variances with ingredient usage reports protects your bottom line and reduces theft.

Restaurant inventory integrations

Enhanced management with leading systems

Rezku integrates with leading service industry inventory systems for ingredient and beverage management, with support for beverage monitoring and automatic delivery and ordering through partner software.

Restaurant inventory integrations Firework 3 Firework 4
  • With Cituit and Yellowdog integration you can easily reorder stock and track across all locations.
  • Integrate with electronic tap and pour regulators to keep your bar profitable and under control.
  • Integration functionality with inventory partners is included, with no additional cost from Rezku.

Get Inventory Management for your Restaurant

Included free with Rezku POS

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