Kitchen Display System

Wireless iPad KDS app for Restaurants

Firework 1 Firework 2 Kitchen Display System
  • Included free with Rezku
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Save space in the kitchen
  • Eliminate printer noise
  • KDS iPads track order progress
  • Improved communication between stations

Increase speed and efficiency for all orders

Firework 3 Firework 4 Increase speed and efficiency for all orders
  • Control — Makes running expo easier with timers

  • Space — Great for small spaces like food trucks

  • Quiet — Perfect for baristas in a cafe. Adjust chime volume.

  • Efficient — Send cocktail orders from the floor to the bar instantly

  • Wireless — Eliminate the need for drilling and running cable

  • Flexible — Use KDS with or without additional printers

Save Paper — The Green Kind

Reducing the amount of printer paper used in the kitchen can make your restaurant “green”. Conservation is good — especially when it helps you save money!

Save Paper - The Green Kind

You’re probably spending more on printer supplies than you realize.

  • Buying Rolls Of Paper

  • Replacing Ink Ribbons

  • Printer Repair and Maintenance Costs

  • Replacing Worn Out Printer Hardware

  • Hardware Incompatibility With Modern Software

Every paper order that is printed to the kitchen or bar is money out of your pocket. It may not seem like much at first, but those nickels and dimes add up, and in a year, the typical restaurant can expect to spend $2,000-$6,000 PER YEAR on printer supplies.

The Rezku Kitchen Display System App for iPad

Another valuable feature included with Rezku

Background graphic The Rezku Kitchen Display System App for iPad
KDS example screenshot
KDS example screenshot
KDS example screenshot
  • Unlimited Displays — One for each station

  • View all orders and how long they’ve been waiting

  • Orders route to individual stations automatically

  • Included for free with Rezku

  • On-screen bump and unbump controls

  • Perfect for expediting orders

The Rezku Kitchen Display system is carefully designed for restaurant owners like you. Based on iPad for long-term reliability, compatibility, and capability, you can count on your iPad KDS for years to come.

Start using the Rezku KDS app right away, assign an iPad to the task and you’re up and running. You can use the kitchen display alone or with your existing printers. You don’t even have to be in the kitchen to see orders as they come in.

Intuitive iPad KDS with tons of control

100% Included with your Rezku subscription

  • Mark items complete — Synced KDSs show “done” as orders are worked on. Improving teamwork and management.

  • Canceled items — No need to run back to the kitchen. When an item is cancelled a big red X crosses it out on the KDS

  • Ticket timer — Set a time limit for orders. When time expires the time turns red and shows how long it’s overdue

  • View all orders — Expo can see all orders, what’s complete and what’s pending.

  • Bump and unbump — Control the bump intuitively using the iPad touch screen

  • Unlimited KDS stations — Keep everyone informed. Route orders to multiple or individual stations.

See what the Rezku KDS app can do for you

Learn how to optimize kitchen efficiency while reducing cost and clutter.

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