The Fired-Up Restaurant KDS (Kitchen Display System)

More Restaurants Are Going Paperless with the Rezku POS Kitchen Display System

Everyone is talking about KDS – the technology that lets restaurant kitchens go paperless.

Kitchen Display Systems Help Restaurants...

Another Valuable Feature Built Right into Rezku POS

green checkUnlimited Displays and Stations

green checkKDS Software Included Free With Rezku POS

green checkOrders Route To Individual Stations

green checkView All Orders And How Long They’ve Been

Save Paper – the Green Kind!

Some people think about the impact they have on the environment — reducing the amount of receipt paper used in the kitchen can certainly help. But there’s another kind of paper that every restaurant owner is always on the lookout to conserve — dollar bills!

Receipt paper with money

Every paper order that is printed to the kitchen or bar is money out of your pocket. It may not seem like much at first, but those nickels and dimes add up, and in a year, the typical restaurant can expect to spend $2,000-$6,000 on printer supplies.

A quality Point-of-Sale KDS will save you from...

  • Buying Rolls Of Paper
  • Replacing Ink Ribbons
  • Printer Repair and Maintenance Costs
  • Replacing Worn Out Printer Hardware
  • Hardware Incompatibility With Modern POS

Get the Advanced Kitchen Display System for Restaurants — Fully Integrated into Rezku Point of Sale

The Rezku POS kitchen display system is carefully designed for restaurant owners like you. Based on iPad for long-term reliability, compatibility and capability you can count on your new KDS for years to come.

ipad screen
ipad screen

Take advantage of the Rezku POS KDS system right away, assign an iPad to the task and you’re up and running. You can use the kitchen display alone or with your existing printers. You don’t even have to be in the kitchen to see orders as they come in!

This KDS Is Chock-Full of Important Features You Need to Optimize Your Kitchen Workflow

Kitchen-Proof — Rugged iPad cases and mounting hardware accommodates any environment. Get the angle and view that works best for you while protecting your investment with heavy-duty commercial quality hardware.

Integrated Bump Bar — The on-screen “bump bar” gives you intuitive control over your orders. Reduce clutter and hardware cost of a physical bump bar by using the iPad touchscreen to interact with the queue. When you’re done - bump it away. It’s that easy!

Use An External Monitor — Using iPad compatible A/V connections drive a second LCD display while you stay in control. Make sure everyone in the kitchen can easily see the display. We’ll show you how!

Ticket Timer — How long is it taking food to leave the kitchen? You’ll have a keen understanding of kitchen productivity and where to expedite with timers running for each ticket. Make sure each table are served together!

A KDS For Each Station — Unlimited iPad kitchen displays can be arranged and configured, so each station gets what they need to get the timing right. With intelligent routing, hot apps and deserts go where they should.

View Upcoming Orders — With a swipe and a tap you can see how many orders are stacking up and what’s on them so you can stay prepared. The touchscreen kitchen display interface is easy to use so you can command the kitchen.

KDS Coursing — Course your apps before your entrees and time the kitchen. The system automatically organizes food by course and lets you control the order dishes go to the pass.

All Types of Restaurants Love Their KDS


Bars — No stacks of paper drink orders getting mixed up. Bartenders can focus on making drinks not fussing with a printer, replacing paper and missing orders.


QSR — POS kitchen display systems help quick service restaurants move faster without paper tickets everyone keeps their eyes on the screen with their part of the order

Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants — Anyone who’s sat by a kitchen will tell you chit printers are loud. If you want to maintain the ambiance of a fine dining experience, a KDS is the way to go!

Full-Service Restaurants

Full-Service Restaurants — Busy restaurants need procedures that work at the busiest of times, and the Rezku POS kitchen display is up to the task. Giving managers and expediters full control.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks — Space is always limited in a food truck. Where are you going to put a printer? Going wireless couldn’t be easier with iPad’s long battery life it makes the perfect mobile KDS for food trucks!

See for Yourself What a Rezku POS Kitchen Display Can Do for Your Restaurant

If you’d like to know more about how your service can benefit from the use of an iPad kitchen display system lets have a chat!

Get a free consultation with one of our restaurant technology experts, find out what Rezku POS can do for your restaurant and start your free trial now!

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