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Finding new ways to improve efficiency is how you stay competitive. And it’s what we love. Rezku has the tools you need to increase operational efficiency.

It’s more important than ever to closely track your inventory. For restaurants, add unlimited ingredients to product recipes to track usage to product sales. For bars, pour enforcement reports provide accountability and profit protection. Advanced inventory integrations with Ctuit, Digital Pour and more provide additional inventory management power.

Some people like to spend hours bookkeeping. It’s OK if you’re not one of them. Rezku makes accounting chores easy with hundreds of data exports you can use to keep track of everything from top products and sales by hour to payroll, cover counts, taxes and more. With Shogo integration, send the most important data automatically into your Quickbooks or Xero ledgers every night.

How do you stay ahead in a busy service? The key is communication. And that’s what Rezku is all about. Whether that’s daily staff notes, product 86ing or order notes to the kitchen, your team will communicate better and make fewer mistakes. Reducing the number of things that can go wrong is how you sustain a great service, every night.

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