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What do you rely on when it really counts? Your POS should be one of those things that doesn’t take a second thought. Rezku delivers more system up time when you need it.

How much money is POS downtime costing your restaurant or bar? How do you feel when your POS leaves you dead in the water? We understand the pain and frustration of an unreliable point of sale. That’s why Rezku is bullet-proofed with reliability safeguards to ensure you achieve maximum uptime.

Rezku is a hybrid POS, giving you offline resilience with secure-cloud convenience. Your POS system keeps running without the internet. So you can send orders to the kitchen, print receipts, and keep taking payment with credit cards. But you also get unlimited encrypted data storage for all your restaurant data. No on-site server means you never have to worry about scheduled backups, hard drive failure or additional maintenance costs.

And we’re here to help you day and night, weekends and holidays. Our support team members are just a phone call, chat or email away, with speedy answers to questions when you’re stuck and quick resolutions for any technical troubles. Our support team is based right here in our US offices.

Try Rezku support right now for yourself. Call 844-697-3958 X1 for technical support. See how fast we pick up. Chat is at the bottom of your screen. Ask us anything!

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