Restaurant Management Features

Inventory Management

Inventory is cash, tracking stock is vital to understanding your restaurant's operations, reducing losses and finding new efficiencies.

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  • Menu Costing

    Enter the cost of goods by ingredient and Rezku automatically calculates the plate cost.

  • Waste Tracking

    Find ways to reduce food waste and save money.

  • Inventory Audits

    Check expected inventory against actual to investigate unaccounted for losses.

Sales Reporting

Sales data is the most crucial piece of information for making decisions. It's vital that you can see sales in different formats that matter to you.

  • Sales By User — See who's a superstar seller and who needs mentoring. Build a strong team.
  • Sales By Hour — Understanding the flow of transactions through the day, the week, the month and the year helps you schedule in the short term and develop your business plan in the long term.
  • Daily Sales Report — A single source for the most important sales information: net, gross, taxes, cash, credit, tips and more. Easy.
  • Sales By Product — Understanding your most popular and least popular items is valuable for a lot of reasons. Order less to avoid spoilage, order more to meet demand.
  • Sales Exceptions — A per-user report of every discount, comp, canceled order and use of the "No Sale" button.

Labor and Timeclocks

Sales data is the most crucial piece of information for making decisions. It's vital that you can see sales in different formats that matter to you.

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Integrated Timeclocks System

No need for another tool, labor management is built into Rezku.

Live Labor Cost Tracking

Log-in anytime and see a live update of each employee's running cost — down to the penny!

Labor Data Exports

Track your labor usage and export to payroll or other accounting software.

Secure Clocking Images

Make sure labor isn't being stolen. Rezku POS takes an employee verification image every time an employee clocks in or out.

Cash Drawer Management

Tracking cash in and out of the cash drawer is a primary point of sale function and Rezku adds additional security components.

Secure cash drawers
  • By Drawer, By User, Bar Drawers — Cash drawers can be configured in two additional advanced modes. Per-user drawers for servers who make their own change and bar drawers which allow two bartenders to use the same iPad but different physical cash drawers.
  • Mid-shift Audits — Confirm the amount of cash in the drawer at any time to check accuracy.
  • Pay-in, Payout, Bank Drop — Additional accounting for adding or removing money from the drawer. Reason notes are recorded and appear in the detailed drawer report.
  • Discrepancy Reporting — After each audit, if there is any discrepancy it is documented and appears in the POS drawer report and the comprehensive drawer report.
  • Transaction Report — Every transaction and the user who initiated it is recorded in the system. Payment type, time, order number, transaction amount, customer name, and more make it easy to research orders and transactions when needed.
  • Drawer Summary and End-of-Day Reports — Otherwise known as X and Z reports. The drawer summary shows transactions between the opening and closing of the drawer and are similar to an X report. The end of day report is a record of all the transactions for the whole day, and it is similar to a Z report.

Remote Management

Wouldn't it be nice to get out more? With Rezku POS remote management features you can be virtually anywhere — at home, a park, or out running errands — instead of stuck in a tiny office.

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  • Cloud-Based — All restaurant information is securely backed up and encrypted, but you can access the system from any internet connected device using your security credentials. Print reports, view dashboards; you can do it all!

  • Live Updates — Updates come as fast as your internet connection. Sales, labor, and inventory are always in-sync and in your pocket.

  • Full Toolset — Desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Rezku POS Back Office is formatted to work with all screen sizes and lets you do everything. Edit the menu, update inventory, view sales — that's just a fraction of what you can actually do!


When things are moving fast, and you want the most important data, you're not going to find it by staring at a spreadsheet.

Easy to Read — The whole point of a new POS is to help you manage your restaurant with better access to data. Rezku POS has an incredibly easy to read dashboard with all the important information you're looking for.

Average Ticket / Tickets per Hour

Enter the cost of goods by ingredient and Rezku automatically calculates the plate cost.

Net Sales / Sales per Hour

Another way to view restaurant performance, net sales is perhaps the most important number to pay attention to. Sales per hour show net sales over the course of the day.

Top Sellers / Sales by Category

The food and drinks your guests love, right here. Take note of these items to make sure you're fully stocked for the next service!

Labor to Sales Ratio

A critical metric is tracking labor cost and sales together. Don't let labor creep above 32% to stay in the profitable range.

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