Secure Payment Features


The Payment Card Industry has defined a specific rule book for how cardholder data is to be handled by merchants, called the DSS. We take data security seriously and help to protect you from liability.

Secure POS software
  • E2E Encryption

    End-to-end encryption means that customer card data is locked tight at the moment that a card is used.

  • 100% PCI Compliant

    Rezku's payment system makes PCI compliance easy for your restaurant.

  • Reduced Scope

    Rezku POS helps you ensure that your restaurant is not subjected to complicated and expensive PCI audits by keeping sensitive payment data off premises.

  • Avoid Costly Data Breaches

    If you're not compliant with the PCI DSS, you may be liable for fines or not be able to process credit cards.


EMV is a technology standard developed to reduce credit card fraud. EMV includes "smart cards" and other types of secure payments.

  • EMV Chip Cards — Insert smart chip-enabled cards for safe, fast approval of credit payments.

  • Contactless Payments — Speed up checkout by merely waving in front of the card reader!

Secure POS software
  • Contactless Cards — Many chip-cards are now equipped with wireless technology and "tap to pay" systems that are approved quickly.

  • NFC Cell Phone Payments — Many cell phones have near field communication (NFC) enabling the use of all kinds of payment apps.

  • Apple Pay — Take payments from customers using Apple Pay on their iPhones.

  • Google Pay — Accept payments from your guests using Google Pay on their Android devices.

  • Reliable EMV readers from Ingenico — We've tested EMV card readers and offer you affordable, rugged and portable options from Ingenico.

  • Avoid swipe-card liability — The EMV liability shift now makes it risky for merchants to use magnetic-swipe only card readers. Protect yourself from chargebacks by using the Rezku POS EMV compliant payment system.


Getting cardholder verification is essential to making sure you get paid. We give you options for obtaining patron confirmation of charges.

Signature verification for your POS
  • Reprint Credit Card Receipts — If something goes wrong Rezku POS lets a manager reprint a credit authorization receipt.

  • Sign On Screen — Go green and email your guests their receipts. Perfect for tableside ordering. Payment and authorization in one step!

  • Pre-Authorization Tabs — Protect yourself from declined payments and skipping out on checks by configuring the amount to preauthorize. Make sure your patrons can foot the bill before you serve them. Also known as bar tabs.liable for fines or not be able to process credit cards.

Offline Mode

  • Credit Processing Offline — No internet? No problem. Keep taking credit cards even without the internet.

  • Encrypted Stored Data — All cardholder data is locked behind DES3 encryption in iPad's encrypted memory, and can only be accessed by your credit processor.

  • Accept All Major Credit Cards — Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, all in one place with some of the lowest processing rates in the industry.

  • Set Offline Limits — Set daily limits for offline transactions to mitigate your risk, either a set dollar amount or the number of transactions.

  • Seamless and Uninterrupted — When you're offline, there are no pop-ups, no warnings to hold you back. When back online, card information is uploaded without any hassles.

  • Accept Pre-Paid Cards, Debit Cards and Check-Cards — Most cards will work, including gift cards, debit and prepaid cards that use the Visa, Mastercard and AMEX networks.

Frustrated restaurant employee

A POS without Offline Mode is trouble. If you can't get your customers' orders through while the internet is down, you are losing business.

Satisfied restaurant employee

No need to panic when the internet goes out. When you’ve got offline mode, you can serve your customers just the same.

Rezku POS brings affordable high-tech to restaurant owners and makes it easy to use. For more ways that we can help you run your business more efficiently check out the Restaurant Management Features in Rezku POS.

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