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Easy Ordering with Pictures and Multi-Language Support

The Rezku POS ordering screen features support for full-color high-resolution menu images. Take the confusion out of ordering and reduce staff training time.

  • Use food images so ordering is as easy as pointing to what you want
  • Fullscreen food images and product descriptions are just one tap away
  • Color-code your menu to keep it organized by product type

Label your menu items in Hanzi, Kanji or other non-western character sets supported by iPad, so ordering is easy for your servers!

Sushi Bar POS Sushi Bar POS mobile management Sushi Bar POS backoffice management
  • High-resolution color menu images make ordering fast and easy
  • Forced modifiers mean the kitchen always gets a complete and accurate order
  • Offline Mode keeps you going even without internet — even credit card payments!
  • Get all sales data from anywhere you have internet
  • Audit timecards from your mobile phone to maintain employee compliance
  • View sales exceptions to see who’s giving discounts and opening the cash drawer
  • Export data to spreadsheets and make bookkeeping easy
  • Track food costs and monitor net sales to get a better idea of profits
  • Simple menu design system is easy to update and modify

Learn what Rezku POS can do for your sushi restaurant

Keep Bringing in Sushi Customers With Loyalty and CRM

Customer relationship management stores guest data and tracks orders to help you identify your best customers.

Reward loyal patrons with points towards discounts and free items

Sell gift cards that double as a rewards card to ensure repeat business

Unlimited order history per customer shows you how much they spend over time

Export CRM data to your marketing list for direct mail and email campaigns that target individual guests and remind them to keep coming back!

Sushi Bar Features To Keep The Sake Flowing

Rezku POS has many features for bars too, like a happy hour, bar tabs and bar drawers for cash.

Happy hours and specials run automatically

Restrict staff from giving manual discounts to stay in control

Start credit card tabs with pre-authorization amounts that you set

With bar drawers, two cash drawers can be run from a single terminal, keeping staff accountability high so their cash transactions are kept separate.

Watch Everything and Control POS Access

As a Sushi bar owner, you want to keep an eye on everything employees do. Rezku helps you track everything from unauthorized discounts to making sure the cash goes in the drawer.

Set individual permissions to manager, owner or employee access

Manage per-user permissions exceptions for high trust individuals

Secure user PINs track every employee’s actions across the system

Sales exceptions reporting shows you every discount, comp and custom order and who placed it. Managing permissions in Rezku POS for sushi bars couldn’t be easier. And with advanced reporting you’ll catch funny-business right away.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Day or night you can reach a real person passionate about your business' success. Integrated chat on our apps, website and email, and our phone support gets you answers fast.

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