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Rezku Features

  • Online Reservations

    You’ll never miss an opportunity to book a table with 24/7/365, no-fee online reservations. Customers can reserve from your restaurant's website, Facebook page, or at Restaurants can place, modify or cancel reservations anytime using Rezku Prime, Companion, Tablet, or BackOffice.

  • Waitlist Management

    Keep walk-ins and hosts happier with smart waitlist controls. Add guests to your waitlist in seconds and Rezku will calculate wait times based on party size, location of desired table, current reservations and queued waitlist customers. Search your waitlist guests by name or phone number. Use our SMS option and instantly text waiting guests to notify them that their table is ready. Your waiting customers no longer need to huddle by your entrance, blocking other customers from entering your restaurant.

  • Server Rotation

    Take the guesswork out of managing servers, sections and their rotations. Each server is color coded and detailed stats are compiled on their tables. You can assign servers to sections and modify server assignments in seconds with the swipe of a finger. Manage your servers with "Server Rotation," which automatically suggests which server should be assigned to the next table.

  • Detailed Stats

    Now you can manage your front of house more efficiently. Know covers per server, turns per cover, turns per party size, covers per hour, turns per hour, and more. Evaluate reservation history and make informed decisions for your restaurant.

  • Table Management

    Get expert front of house management by allowing Rezku to remove the guesswork. See the status of every table at a glance. Easily assign servers, combine parties, or change your table layout. Quote accurate waitlist times and text your guest when their table is ready. Effortlessly manage every detail of your floor so you can spend more time with guests and less on logistics.

  • Reminders

    Manage your staff and better serve your guests with our popular reminders feature which allows you to set unlimited, customizable alerts for your staff at specified times, or when a particular action takes place. Remind the host when a guest with an allergy arrives or when it’s time to roll silverware.

  • Reservation Chits

    Provide an even greater guest experience with detailed chits. Available for a service or individual servers, chits include lineup reports as well as the names and details (including preferences or allergies) for each reservation. Print chits from either a standard or receipt printer. Your wait staff will know detailed information about each guest to provide a higher level of service.

  • Customizable Floors

    See the status of every table just as it appears in your dining room. Combine parties in seconds and switch server assignments instantly. Change your table layout and easily update your Rezku floor plan in seconds. Rezku is built to manage even the busiest and most complex floor plans.

  • Email Notifications

    At the start of each service, Rezku sends a detailed email listing the details of each reservation scheduled for that service. At the end of every day, Rezku will send you detailed statistics for the full day. You’re always kept informed of your FOH performance.

  • Cloud Based

    Manage from anywhere because Rezku is cloud-based and available whenever you need it. Need to make a reservation but aren't near your kiosk? Not a problem. You can log on to the Rezku website and view your guestbook, edit reservations, and even print out your data from any smartphone or web device. See everything your staff sees, from anywhere in the world, in real time, using any computer.

  • Widget Builder

    Rezku provides an advanced and completely customizable reservation widget, allowing you to seamlessly integrate taking online reservations into your website. The widget can also be customized for a restaurant with multiple locations, allowing users to reserve a table from a list of multiple restaurant locations.

  • Text Customers & SMS

    Get unlimited texting built into Rezku and alert waitlist guests the instant their table is available. You can also text staff to alert them of a staff meeting or that a VIP guest has arrived. Our SMS service also comes with a local number for texting. Now your guests and your staff can be more informed and responsive. Plus, never lose another pager.

  • Guestbook Management

    With quick access to your guests' information you can better cater to each of them. Store birthdays, anniversaries, allergies, preferences, guest notes, reservation notes, spouse and even family information. All notes can be customized to your restaurant. You can also see the reservation history of any guest. Plus, when guests reserve a table using Facebook, we can grab their profile picture, allowing you to identify them as they arrive.

  • Weather

    Rezku integrates up to the minute weather that is always posted at the top left corner of the screen. Tap the current weather to access more detailed weather information, including hourly and weekly forecasts. Know if you’ll need to close your patio early due to rain without leaving your host stand.

  • Futures

    Plan your entire service using our drag and drop Futures timeline. Now your entire service is preplanned with no surprises, and your staff knows exactly where to seat each guest prior to arrival.

  • Support

    Rezku offers expert, friendly support. Our staff is here to help you. Call us or chat with our support staff directly from your Rezku terminal, without tying up your phone lines or disturbing your guests. We also provide timely, informative updates on maintenance and any system updates. And we’re flexible, we want to hear your feedback, good and bad, so we can keep evolving to better serve your restaurant.