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Table Management For Restaurants


Table Management For Restaurants

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8 million



Our table management software was designed to help busy restaurants manage guests, tables, reservations, waitlist, servers and much more. Does your restaurant get slammed and then everything starts to fall apart? If you have a busy restaurant Rezku Prime is for you. Let us show you how we can help your restaurant run smoother, increase table turns and improve your bottom line.

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Empower Your Staff

Rezku Prime is the table management system that helps your staff do their job more effectively. With Rezku Prime you can empower your hosts and waitstaff to raise the level of service while freeing up your management to better connect with the guests.

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Manage Tables & Guests

Your restaurant gets a huge influx of guests all at once. Can you handle it? With Rezku Prime it's a breeze to keep track of all of your guests and pace your restaurant for success.

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Less Than a Second

In less than a second you can: seat guests, manage servers, move parties, combine tables for large parties. Our interface was designed to keep your eyes up on the guests not down on a computer screen. If you can use a smartphone you can learn Rezku Prime in minutes.

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Guest Profiles

Keep track of your regulars with our complete guest profile that allows you to add their special request, allergies and dining history. With Rezku Prime your restaurant's level of customer service is instantly elevated.

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Customized Floor Plans

Build unlimited customizable floor plans for special occasions or holidays. Save them and use them over and over. With Rezku Prime you can customize your seating process and reservations.

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Analytics That Improve Service

Rezku BackOffice gives you real time analytics on your service. View table utilization graphs, find out which server is turning 2-tops the quickest, see how long parties of 3 are waiting at 6:45pm. Our analytics give you actionable insights into your operation that can improve your service and save you money.

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Leading Technology

We pioneered in-browser table management. We were the first to bring real time chat support within a table management application. We invented dynamic reservations. We have sat millions of guests around the country. Others will continue to follow us, but we will always be leading the industry.

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Secured In The Cloud

Rezku Prime is built in the cloud. Our main application is browser based and can be accessed from any computer. Plus we have support apps for management, busers, servers, hosts and even your guests. We are the complete solution for table management.

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Waitlist Perfected

Text guests when their table is ready. Allow your guests to see their wait time. With Rezku Prime you can improve the guest experience even when your customers have to wait. Plus Rezku Prime accuracy keeps the line moving and automatically updates as tables become available.

Industry-Leading Support

Our support team is dedicated to serving your needs 7 days a week. We provide our restaurant partners with unlimited training and support. We don’t just tell you how to fix a problem or change a setting; we are happy to do it for you. Our support team works in the Rezku offices and not offshore or in a remote location somewhere in the boondocks. You can contact us via online chat, email or by phone.


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