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Quick Service POS

Fast. Reliable.
Easy to use.

Rezku's Quick Service POS gives you all the premium features to be successful such as online ordering with delivery management, inventory, payroll, Smart KDS, Loyalty, Gift Card program. Run your business quicker and improve your profits with Rezku.

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Quick Service POS

Trusted by industry experts

All inclusive quick service POS to match your speed

Don’t let your POS slow down your service, designed for speed from order creation to checkout, Rezku is the smart, secure approach. Customize your guests' orders and special requests faster, while eliminating mistakes. Don’t get slammed during service. Rezku’s color coded picture menus help new servers enter orders quickly. Update orders as fast as your guests change their minds with a cashier-friendly conversational interface.

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  • Train new employees in 15 minutes or less
  • Speed through orders with conversational modifiers
  • Cut through the line with fast picture menus
  • Ensure accurate order entry with required modifiers

Conquer online ordering with Rezku

Don’t get left behind, restaurant technology is changing quickly and online ordering has become a must have for any quick service restaurant. Rezku includes your own branded online ordering system you can be proud of. Gain a powerful delivery platform, everything you need to manage drivers and deliveries flawlessly. All your orders go straight to Rezku's Quick Service POS and the kitchen for a level of command and control you’ve got to experience. Additionally, ditch the multiple tablets when using third party online ordering.

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Rezku online ordering

Powerful tools to run your business.
Anywhere. Any time.

Instantly know how your business is doing at any time. Get the work done anywhere with Rezku’s remote management system. Right from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, you have immediate access at all times to all reports, menus and management functions. Find bottlenecks and track your progress with easy to parse KPI dashboards.

Handle payroll like a dream with detailed employee information including hours, pay, tips, shifts and more. Employee activity reports ensure accountability and alert you to damaging losses via discounts, comps and voids before it costs you dearly.

Know your true costs to protect your margins. Rezku Quick Service POS helps you tame the chaos of stock management by warning you of low inventory before you run out. Discover theft, waste and optimize portions to protect your cash flow. Cut unproductive costs with live labor costing and detailed reports

Rezku KPI dashboard

All new Rezku Smart KDS

A big part of running a successful restaurant is having an organized kitchen that always knows what orders are coming in. Manage orders from every sales channel in a central hub, eliminating the confusion of multiple systems. Never feel like you’re missing the big picture. Display up to 14 tickets and over 100 products at a time. Put the power in your chef’s hands to truly lead the brigade with real time ticket priority and make-time monitoring. Achieve supreme optimization with persistent “all day” items to maximize production batching. SKDS integrates with printers and sticker machines for superior QA and QC to slash waste and elevate customer satisfaction. Control your production process in-depth with the premium Rezku Smart KDS system.

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All new Rezku Smart KDS

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