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Restaurant POS With Industry Leading Support

Rezku is a comprehensive restaurant POS solution for all concept types. We pride ourselves on providing the very best support in the industry. We help you every step of the way with unlimited support, onboarding, menu building and training. Plus, you also get online ordering, ingredient level inventory management, loyalty rewards, gift card program and over 600 other features included for free.

Rezku’s Restaurant POS System with Quick Pay
Point of Sale Restaurant

"Rezku is the best on the market."

"We looked at other options and none of them had the personal service and technology that came with Rezku. We made the jump and we’ve been really thrilled with it."

Mark Fucci

Manager, Land Ocean Restaurant

Mark Fucci, Manager, Land Ocean Restaurant

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Restaurant POS system review interview with Sean at South Fork Grille
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"It’s really changed our world."

"From training to day-to-day execution — we’re very happy with Rezku and can’t imagine having another POS system."

Sean Doherty,
Manager, South Fork Grille

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Comprehensive Restaurant POS To Grow Your Business

Rezku's order management, analytics, and technology and marketing tools advance your restaurant with modern capabilities. Empower your team, improve sales performance, increase customer satisfaction. Rezku’s point of sale system for restaurants drives the growth of your business with its breadth of advanced tools.

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Cloud POS feature icon

Best-In-Class Cloud POS

Designed specifically to meet the demands of busy restaurant operations.

Omnichannel POS feature icon

OmniChannel Order Hub

All orders on and off premises, managed spectacularly from a single point of truth.

Restaurant kitchen management feature icon

Kitchen Control Center

Ensure quality and speed at every step with unprecedented communication.

POS Customer loyalty feature icon

Customer Retention Suite

Promotional tools to keep loyal customers and increase per-order revenue.

Restaurant POS reporting feature icon

Operational Intelligence Reporting

From panoramic to microscopic, view your business data like you only dreamed possible.

Restaurant POS best customer support icon

Industry Leading Customer Support

Count on Rezku to provide you with unlimited live support to you and your staff. Your success matters to us.

Restaurant POS system review interview with Rafi at Cafe Dantorels
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"Rezku helps me to have peace of mind."

"It's so simple for my employees. They barely need any training for Rezku. It’s so simple and straightforward."

Rafi Rozbahani
Owner, Cafe Dantorels

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tableside ordering tablet

Handheld Wireless POS for Restaurants

Meet the restaurant point of sale that goes anywhere. Full service restaurants achieve unmatched service speed with table-side ordering and payments. Quick service and food trucks use Rezku's handhelds for superior line-busting with a personal touch. Equip your team with the most capable wireless point of sale and master high volume service in any type of restaurant.

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Earn 30% More Profit With First Party Online Orders

40% of restaurant orders are off premises – and this ratio increases every year. First-class white-label online ordering is included with Rezku's restaurant POS system so you can get more direct orders today.

Restaurant POS online ordering web portal example on laptop

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Restaurant POS system review interview with Mark at Sienna
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"Wow, this is so easy!"

"We're paying $15 an hour and with Rezku, servers may run one table bigger in their section, so that’s actually saving us money."

Mark Platt
Owner, Sienna

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Restaurant online ordering and delivery app example on iPhone

Take Orders on the App!

Customized exclusively for your restaurant

  • Branded and designed for your restaurant
  • First party ordering, fully POS integrated
  • Download for Android and iPhone
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You’ve Never Seen a KDS That Can Do This

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    Touch-screen based for advanced functionality

  • checkmark icon

    Station-to-Station bump with recall

  • checkmark icon

    Direct print from KDS when you need a paper ticket

  • checkmark icon

    Stock level and 86 control

  • checkmark icon

    On-screen product recipes

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    + Much More!

Rezku interactive Smart KDS

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360° Business Management on your Smartphone

Rezku listened to the demands of hundreds of restaurant operators to give you what you always wanted – powerful, no-holds-barred management and reporting capabilities in the cloud. You have instant access and control for every location, right from your laptop or smartphone.

Restaurant manager viewing Rezku restaurant POS KPI dashboard examples on laptop and cell phone
Restaurant POS inventory tracking feature icon

Inventory with Cost Tracking

Cut waste, deter theft and track product sales performance to find winners. It has stock level alerts and auto-86ing.

Restaurant POS custom reporting feature icon

Customized Reporting

Craft the perfect report from over 600 data points. Auto-email to partners and accountants, daily, weekly or monthly.

Restaurant POS KPI tracking feature icon

KPI Metric Dashboards

Instantly access live infographic charts for a live status of all the most important business metrics at a glance.

Restaurant POS employee management feature icon

Employee Management & Labor

Integrated time card system and labor reporting to make payroll faster and easier than ever. Audit employee time right on your phone.

Restaurant POS back office management app feature icon

Dedicated Manager’s App

Download the Rezku Manager’s App for iPhone or Android for secure access on the go to all of your settings, reports and full menu access everywhere you are.

Restaurant POS data backup feature icon

Guided Reports Analysis

Get the most from your data with guided consulting. Rezku's support team will help you navigate to the reports you need to gain critical insight about your business.

Is Rezku the POS system you’ve been searching for?

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Receive Turn-by-Turn Guidance With Rezku’s First-Class Support

Rezku’s expert customer support team guides you through onboarding, setup, training, menu building to make sure you get the most out of your new restaurant point of sale system. Experience white-glove service, 24/7 live US-based technical support and advisors who truly care about your success. We pick up the phone right away. Our customers are not a number, calls are not timed. Our only goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience with your Rezku system.

customer service team members assisting customers

The Kind of Point of Sale Support You Need

When you’re in the middle of service and you or your staff need help — you can count on Rezku. Our experts are hand picked and trained in-house for a level of service unheard of in the industry.

  • blue check mark 24/7 live agents
  • blue check mark US-based technical support
  • blue check mark Experts trained in house
  • blue check mark Unlimited support included with service

Questions You Should Ask to Find the Best Restaurant POS

Finding the best restaurant point of sale system is critical to the success of your restaurant. Here are 9 questions to ask before you choose your next restaurant point of sale. These features are necessary to thrive in the competitive food service industry today.

intuitive interface icon

Does it have an intuitive interface?

A user friendly interface enables staff to quickly learn and embrace your new Restaurant POS system.

menu management icon

Does it allow flexible menu management?

Updating menus, adding new items and changing prices on the fly should be quick and simple.

ingredient tracking icon

Can you track inventory by ingredient?

Real-time tracking of stock levels, ingredient usage and low inventory alerts prevent waste and ensures menu availability.

tableside service icon

Do handhelds offer a full POS experience with quick payments?

Large-screen mobile tablets with integrated card readers provide the most efficient service to guests, allowing for complex ordering, check splitting and rapid checkout.

branded online ordering icon

Does it include branded online ordering?

A branded online ordering website and smartphone app provides a seamless branded dining experience for your delivery and takeout customers.

reporting and analytics icon

Can you easily access robust reporting and analytics?

Detailed sales reports, dashboards and KPI tracking provides you with data driven insights to identify opportunities to improve operations profitably.

staff management icon

Do you get staff management functionality?

Centralized tracking of hours worked, tip allocation and managed user roles simplifies payroll and improves labor cost control.

customer support icon

Does it offer industry leading customer support?

24/7 phone and email access to a US-based support team can quickly troubleshoot issues and prevents costly downtime.

setup assistance icon

Do you receive unlimited setup assistance, onboarding and training?

Unlimited training and setup assistance provide crucial guidance for a successful installation, ensuring you get the most from your new POS system.


You Can Depend On Our Tough-Built Restaurant POS

We are 100% committed to delivering the very best experience to each of our clients. Our secure, rugged, point of sale for restaurants features hardware and software that is battle-proven in America’s most demanding food service environments. Backed by our team of live support experts available for you 24/7.

Restaurant POS secure permissions feature icon

Secure Permissions

User permissions-based access with swipe ID cards, individual PINs and 2-FA and event logging to protect your business from unauthorized activity.

Restaurant POS PCI secure payment feature icon

Top-Tier Payment Technology

Most secure PCI DSS compliance with EMV and NFC quick payments, encrypted to protect your customers.

Restaurant POS offline payment feature icon

3-Day Offline Payments

Built-in failover to protect your bottom line. Secure storage of payment data for up to 72 hours if the internet goes down.

Restaurant POS system best customer support feature icon

Unlimited Customer Care

Rezku’s US-based in-house customer support team is ready to help 24/7–365 with the highest rated service level of any restaurant POS system company.

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