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Restaurant POS

The Restaurateur’s Secret Weapon

Restaurant POS

Gain a critical edge against your competitors. Accomplish greater operational efficiency. Hit your business targets despite the industry challenges. Designed especially for the unique needs of high-volume chain restaurants, Rezku is the powerful solution preferred by experienced operators who know.

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Restaurant POS
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You’re one step away from our in-depth restaurant POS demo video.

Chad Nichols

"As my business evolves, so do the needs from my POS. If there is a specific report or function that I need, the Rezku support team will walk me through it. Rezku customer support is the best of any company I have ever dealt with.

Within 30 seconds of dialing, I'm talking to a human being."

Chad Nichols
Owner, Arroyo Grill

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The Best Way to Learn about Rezku

One of our experts will contact you promptly and make sure Rezku is a good fit.

The Ultimate Restaurant POS for Rapid Growth

Today’s operators expect more from their restaurant point of sale. Rezku is a complete system for every food and beverage service concept – feature-packed with the tools operators need to achieve their business goals. Increase sales, retain more customers and manage effectively.

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Best-In-Class Cloud POS

Designed specifically to meet the demands of busy restaurant operations.

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OmniChannel Order Hub

All orders on and off premises, managed spectacularly from a single point of truth.

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Kitchen Control Center

Ensure quality and speed at every step with unprecedented communication.

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Customer Retention Suite

Promotional tools to keep loyal customers and increase per-order revenue.

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Operational Intelligence Reporting

From panoramic to microscopic, view your business data like you only dreamed possible.

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Bulletproof Reliability

Create dynamic customer engagement with promo codes, and custom coupons that work across platforms & locations.

The Best Way to Learn about Rezku

One of our experts will contact you promptly and make sure Rezku is a good fit.

Chris Caserta

"Our busy restaurant runs smoother because of Rezku

We noticed an improvement right away because there is so much added value in the Rezku app. All of their employees care deeply about your success, and operate with a high level of integrity and competency which can be hard to find in today's society."

Chris Caserta
Owner, The Hungry Diner

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High-Volume Restaurant POS — Streamlined to Drive Sales

Rezku's restaurant POS is created for front-line, real world restaurant operations. Designed in collaboration with some of today’s most successful high-volume restaurant groups, Rezku is highly capable, easy to use and supremely reliable.

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Achieve Omni-Channel Control For Service Mastery

Maximize the profitability of every sales channel. Achieve maximum service quality and product consistency for all your customers. Manage all orders from a single-point hub of operations.

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Chris Thomas

"Every restaurant should use Rezku!

They not only have a great system, but they are also truly a company I can trust. With Rezku I know they have my best interest at heart and I can't imagine using a different POS ever again. Switching to Rezku POS was the best business decision I have ever made!"

Chris Thomas
Co-Owner Monterey Coastal Cuisine

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Earn 30% More Profit With First Party Online Orders

40% of restaurant orders are off premises – and this ratio increases every year. First-class white-label online ordering is included with Rezku's restaurant POS so you can get more direct orders today.

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The Best Way to Learn about Rezku

One of our experts will contact you promptly and make sure Rezku is a good fit.

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Take Orders on the App!

Customized exclusively for your restaurant

  • Branded and designed for your restaurant
  • First party ordering, fully POS integrated
  • Download for Android and iPhone
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Kevin Hokenson

"Rezku POS helped improve every aspect of our restaurant and bar, from ticket times to customer service. Going from an outdated system that took days to program to Rezku POS, I can now make changes on the fly and have every terminal update. Before we switched to Rezku I looked at 8 different systems.

When I came across Rezku POS I found everything I was looking for."

Kevin Hokenson
General Manager, Jasper Ridge Brewery

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Elevate Service Quality and Take Command of the Kitchen

Increase order flow, cut re-fires by 15% or more, take communication to the next level. Rezku’s suite of kitchen management tools optimizes workflows and keeps restaurants with limited back-of-house staff out of the weeds.

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You’ve Never Seen a KDS That Can Do This

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    Touch-screen based for advanced functionality

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    Station-to-Station bump with recall

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    Direct print from KDS when you need a paper ticket

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    Stock level and 86 control

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    On-screen product recipes

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    + Much More!

restaurant pos interactive smart kds
Angelo Koukoularis

"I love Rezku because my staff was able to adapt instantly. This is the only POS that allows us to enter even the most complicated pizza order.

Rezku makes my life easier!"

Angelo Koukoularis
Owner, Stonington Pizza

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The Best Way to Learn about Rezku

One of our experts will contact you promptly and make sure Rezku is a good fit.

Engage Your Customers for 4x The Profit

Stand out amid the noise. Rezku is the cornerstone of your retention strategy. Restaurants using Rezku capture 3X more repeat orders and increase average customer spend by 15% or more.

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Coupons and Promos

Loyalty coupons, meal-deals, coupon codes and more. All customized by you to drive sales where they’re needed most.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Incentivise repeat orders and stay top-of-mind with perks that build loyalty with your valued customers.

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Gift Cards in Store & Online

Get gift cards that work online and on-site, across all locations. Increase average per-visit spend by 15% per-customer.

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Easy Email Contacts

Target your customers’ interests. Auto-send reminders for birthdays and anniversaries. Send daily or weekly promos all with our included MailChimp email integration.

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Personalized Perks Portal

Unique online profile for tracking points, loading gift cards, reordering from history and more. Customized for each of your loyal guests for superior engagement.

360° Business Management on your Smartphone

Rezku listened to the demands of hundreds of restaurant operators to give you what you always wanted – powerful, no-holds-barred management and reporting capabilities in the cloud. You have instant access and control for every location, right from your laptop or smartphone.

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Inventory with Cost Tracking

Cut waste, deter theft and track product sales performance to find winners. It has stock level alerts and auto-86ing.

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Customized Reporting

Craft the perfect report from over 600 data points. Auto-email to partners and accountants, daily, weekly or monthly.

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KPI Metric Dashboards

Instantly access live infographic charts for a live status of all the most important business metrics at a glance.

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Employee Management & Labor

Integrated time card system and labor reporting to make payroll faster and easier than ever. Audit employee time right on your phone.

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Dedicated Manager’s App

Download the Rezku Manager’s App for iPhone or Android for secure access on the go to all of your settings, reports and full menu access everywhere you are.

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Priceless Data you Own

Only Rezku automatically backs up all your data securely in the cloud. It is unlimited – from the moment you start. It tracks every order, every tip, every hour worked and unit sold. Download all your raw data at any time.

The Best Way to Learn about Rezku

One of our experts will contact you promptly and make sure Rezku is a good fit.

Keryara Schevenius

"We are so glad we chose Rezku POS.

The customer service is unlike any other we have experienced!"

Keryara Schevenius
Owner, Andy & Friend’s Coney Bar

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Restaurant-Tough POS you Can Depend On

We are 100% committed to delivering the very best POS experience to each one of our clients. Our secure, rugged restaurant POS hardware and software is battle-proven in America’s most demanding, high-volume restaurants.

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Secure Permissions

User permissions-based access with swipe ID cards, individual PINs and 2-FA and event logging to protect your business from unauthorized activity.

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Top-Level Data Security

Highest level PCI DSS SAQ with encrypted Fast-Chip EMV and NFC payments to protect you and your customers.

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3-Day Offline Payments

Built-in failover to protect your bottom line. Secure storage of payment data for up to 72 hours if the internet goes down.

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Unlimited Customer Care

Rezku’s US-based in-house customer support team is ready to help 24/7–365 with the highest rated service level of any restaurant POS company.

You’re one step away from our in-depth restaurant POS demo video.

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