Non-Cash Pricing

Protect Your Bottom Line With Dual Pricing For Restaurant Checks

dual pricing
dual pricing background

The costs of running a restaurant keep going up. Rezku’s Dual Pricing helps you take back the power and fight fees. Incentivize cash payments from restaurant customers by using a dual pricing model with both the cash price and non-cash price. Your guest’s choice is applied automatically at checkout.

How Dual Pricing Protects Restaurant Profits

Dual pricing is convenient for both you and your guests. A cash price and a non-cash price are provided to customers at checkout.

cfd with dual pricing

Customer displays show dual pricing on the screen before payment, so customers know they have options for payment.

restaurant receipt with dual pricing

Printed receipts show both pricing options, for either cash or non-cash payments.

Empower Your Customers With Greater Choice

Rezku’s dual pricing gives your customers a choice to prioritize either cost or convenience when paying. Dual pricing helps to ease the burden of increasing operational costs for restaurant owners. Learn more about this winning strategy that could save you thousands of dollars a month.

By signing up for Dual Pricing, you agree to follow all applicable rules and regulations including but not limited to notifying customers, posting signage and any additional requirements provided by the credit card brands, banks, local and federal governments and your merchant processing company.