Restaurant Reservation Management

Table Management Command Center

Restaurant Reservation Management

Effortlessly manage table reservations, increase seatings, and provide top-notch service with Rezku's powerful software. Say goodbye to reservation chaos, lost bookings, and dissatisfied guests. Visualize your entire restaurant, optimize server rotations, and leverage data insights for enhanced performance.

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Restaurant Reservation Management
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Take Command of Your Restaurant

Book call-in and online reservations confidently with advanced pacing controls. Gain 15% or more seatings per service. Avoid chaos from overbooking and lost reservations. Avert abandonment and angry guests with reservation texting.

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Visualize and Control Your Entire Restaurant

Get a lightning-fast bird's eye view of your entire dining room, with unlimited floor plans and tables, easily adjust zoom and view, and see real-time table status at a glance. Seat walk-ins with just one tap. Use next-turn timers to plan ahead.

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Optimize Service and Increase Efficiency

Effortlessly manage servers, turn times, and maximize guest seating. Utilize seated time counters, auto-server rotation, color-coded server sections, and efficiently manage seated and open tables.

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Data-Driven Insights for Enhanced Service Quality

Store unlimited guest profiles in your included CRM. Utilize average table turn time and wait time data to troubleshoot bottlenecks. Access and download reservations reporting data on your computer or iPad.

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A Simple, Transparent, Flat-Rate. Unlimited Access.

Experience the the freedom of fee-free online reservations. Enjoy seamless coverage with unlimited tablet licenses, and no hidden fees, per-reservation, or booking fees. Full access to online reservations and unlimited reservation and guestbook data included.

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To make sure you get the full experience, free onboarding is included with your trial. We build your floor plan from scratch, provide you with a personal trainer and help you set up your restaurant for success.

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