Restaurant Waitlist App

A Restaurant Waitlist App With Text Notifications

A Restaurant Waitlist App With Text Notifications

Manage your waitlist like a pro, with unlimited SMS text notifications to guests. Rezku’s restaurant waitlist system runs on your existing tablet to save you money, and includes more advanced features at a lower price. Manage unlimited floorpans with assigned server sections and table status monitoring. Try Rezku’s restaurant waitlist app at your host stand today. Start for free and take command of service.

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A Restaurant Waitlist App With Text Notifications
restaurant waitlist app
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Complete waitlist control

Waitlist app for iPad with text notifications puts you in control of front-of-house management. Reduce wait times and turn tables faster.

  • Gain a 15% or more increase in seatings per service
  • Diminish guest abandonment and no-shows with SMS notifications
  • Balance guest-load in server sections to improve quality of service
waitlist interface on ipad

Streamlined restaurant waitlist from above

Manage your service area from above, with responsive touch-screen control

  • Add walk-in guests to the waitlist in seconds
  • Seat guests faster and provide accurate wait times
  • Monitor seating times and table status at a glance
floorplan interface on ipad

Restaurant waitlist table management and more

Take command of service, increase seatings and improve guest experience

  • Manage unlimited servers in color-coded sections
  • View time seated and next turn for every party seated
  • Table status updates sync instantly to the host stand
iphone with waitlist interface

Connect with restaurant waitlist data and analytics

Enhance operations with performance stats to improve service metrics

  • Save guests to your searchable guestbook with notes
  • Track party size, wait times and turn-time averages to find bottlenecks
  • Access your mobile back office for management from anywhere
screenshots of waitlist data and analytics

Restaurant waitlist with everything included

When you sign up for Rezku’s Restaurant Waitlist app, you gain unlimited access to all features with no hidden fees and zero upcharges.

  • Unlimited guest SMS text notifications
  • Unlimited waitlist guests with no booking fees
  • Unlimited waitlist kiosks for guests to add themselves
  • Unlimited waitlist iPads for multiple hosts/hostesses
  • Unlimited users with employee and manager permissions
  • Unlimited servers and sections with unique color-coding
  • Unlimited guestbook to save all your waitlist guests
  • Unlimited two-way confirmation text

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