Speedy phone ordering with integrated POS Caller ID

Exceedingly efficient caller ID phone ordering for busy takeout restaurants and popular pizzerias.

Takeout restaurant call-in orders fill in customer information automatically with POS Caller ID. Get all the necessary delivery instructions and restaurant customer data fast through Caller ID and CRM integration for phone orders.

  • Name, Address, and Email Address
  • Complete order history
  • Delivery driver instructions
  • Allergies and Dietary Restriction
  • Customized notes and notices
  • Loyalty points and rewards


When a call-in order comes in just tap the on-screen phone button and your caller’s information auto-fills for you to start taking their order.

Rezku POS Caller ID Example

It’s just that easy!

With Rezku POS Caller ID integration you can

  • Start a phone order for repeat customers in seconds
  • Save new customers to your CRM quickly
  • View call history — Even if they hang up before you answer!
  • Recall past delivery orders to make reordering easy
  • View special discounts and available rewards
  • Add loyalty points to your customer’s order

Set up Caller ID in minutes

Supporting up to 16 phone lines, analog or VOIP so you’ll never miss a beat. Using industry standard POS Caller ID hardware from CallerID.com and Whozz Calling. Setup is a snap. Caller ID data is sent to your Rezku POS wirelessly over your existing network connection. Without the need for additional cables and wiring!

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Get a free demonstration of phone ordering now

Rezku POS offers a ton of time-saving, efficiency-enhancing features for all types of food and beverage service concepts. Contact us today to get the grand tour and see how phone ordering with Caller ID works in a live one-to-one presentation with a Rezku product specialist.

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