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Coupon System

Advanced couponing that drives sales

Coupon System

Customers who use coupons spend an average of 26% more than those who don’t. Craft bold promotions that capture new customers and turn casual diners into weekly regulars, with Rezku’s advanced POS couponing system for restaurants and pizzerias.

Coupon System
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The Best Way to Learn about Rezku

One of our experts will contact you promptly and make sure Rezku is a good fit.

Coupons to drive interactive engagement

Online, in-app or on-site. Rezku makes coupons easy for your customers to apply with coupon codes and auto-apply options.

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Promote guest engagement frequency with irresistible in-app offers and coupons available in their dashboard.

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Increase dining frequency by sending coupon push-notifications that can be redeemed on-site or online.

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Gamify your guests' purchases by unlocking coupons and offers when they earn loyalty rewards points.

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Dream big and create your ideal promotions

Rezku gives you advanced tools to make coupon deals just the way you want. Loose or restricted, you set the rules, with an intuitive interface.

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Eliminate the costs of web hosting and hiring a designer to build your online ordering system.

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Rezku protects your bottom line by restricting loopholes and “coupon stacking” automatically.

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Rezku’s flexible couponing lets you set specific products, modifiers and quantities to qualify a coupon’s use.

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Coupons to direct sales

Use coupons to encourage sales to thrive during off hours with advanced rule-sets to drive sales to where you need them most.

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Redirect customers from 3rd party online ordering to 1st party channels to avoid paying those 30% commissions.

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Increase foot traffic on slow nights with on-site only coupons or promote in-house deliveries with delivery-only specials.

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Drive up sales at the times you need a bump with “happy hour coupons” restricted to certain days and hours.

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You’re one step away from our in-depth restaurant POS demo video.

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