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Doordash Drive Integration

Delivery Service Without Hiring Any Drivers

Doordash Drive Integration

Tap into the DoorDash driver network to unleash a fleet of professional drivers available any time. Seamlessly integrated with your included Rezku Online Ordering website.

Doordash Drive Integration
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The Best Way to Learn about Rezku

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Cut Out Middle-Man Fees

Direct your customers to Rezku’s included online ordering portal and use DoorDash Drive for deliveries. Using DoorDash Drive can save you thousands of dollars every month. Offer online delivery while avoiding paying 25-35% in fees.

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Deliver Without Drivers

Forget hiring drivers, dealing with schedules, call-ins and costly delivery fleet maintenance. DoorDash’s large pool of professional delivery drivers are immediately available, to serve your ever-expanding online delivery customer base.

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Instant Access to More Customers

Expand your customer base without lifting a finger. DoorDash Drive connects to your included Rezku online ordering website to offer your guests convenient delivery at checkout. Without creating more work for your staff, DoorDash Drive orders are handled as any other pickup.

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