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Delivery Driver Dispatch

Control Center for Restaurant Deliveries

Optimize your delivery workflow with mapped route planning and driver management. POS-integrated and included with your Rezku system.

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Delivery Driver Dispatch

Map-based Restaurant Deliveries

Driver management is a core function of Rezku’s delivery system. View all your deliveries on a single tab. Estimated delivery times, payment status and customer information. Order-tickets with customer details and delivery box labels ensure the right food gets to every customer.

delivery management screenshot

Advanced Routing With Round Trip Estimates

Master delivery timing with intelligent map-based route planning that gets your drivers there and back as quickly as possible. Plan for success with turn-by-turn maped routes and estimated return times. Use delivery time metrics to rank drivers based on speed of delivery.

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Comprehensive Delivery Management

Real-life insight keeps you present with the status of every delivery. Designed for managers, with driver cash owed, driver history and estimated return times. Plan the next trip for drivers before they return, and pay out credit tips easily.

dispatch overview screenshot

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