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Off Premise Ordering

The Control Center for Off-Premise Ordering

Off Premise Ordering

Rezku is the logistical center for all your order channels. It seamlessly organizes all customer orders from online, phone and 3rd parties, streamlining production and simplifying distribution for pickup or delivery.

Off Premise Ordering
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All Off-Premise Ordering Under One Roof

Expand your off-premise ordering and cast a wide net, knowing all your orders obey one central hub for production and distribution.

Precise Tools for Order Preparation

Rezku streamlines order preparation with advanced tools for your kitchen staff. No matter where an order comes from, your kitchen always has clear direction.

Manage Order Pacing

Set the limits and change pacing on the fly. Whether ordering online or by phone, your guests know what time to expect their food. Modify pacing from the POS on the fly.

Automated Ticket Print Times

Whether it’s a pre-order or ASAP delivery, Rezku manages ticket priority automatically so you don’t have to. Ticket print time based on prep and delivery, manage current and pre-orders automatically, print tickets manually if needed.

Smart Kitchen Displays

With clear order instructions, timers, rush and station bump, your kitchen team operates in unison. Control orders with Expo tablet and bump tickets to the next station.

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Print Box Labels

Get every pizza box and burger bag to the right customer, with printed order tags and box labels. Print tags from KDS or POS and sticky or paper labels available.

Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment In One Place

Whether it’s pickup or delivery, Rezku helps you ensure perfect order fulfillment with our advanced control center, eliminating the need for multiple 3rd party tablets.

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Curbside Delivery

Serve customers in their cars, bringing orders out at just the right time. Detailed vehicle descriptions, pay in the parking lot with mobile POS.

Pickup Orders

Mark orders done when picked up to enhance pickup accountability. Orders are timed perfectly by the system to have food ready when your guest arrives.

DoorDash Drive

Do delivery without hiring any drivers. DoorDash Drive gives you instant access to their network of drivers when customers choose delivery online. Seamless integration with online ordering, drivers are dispatched automatically.

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Delivery Driver Dispatch

Mapped delivery routes grouped by driver, estimated return times and return cash owed make driver dispatch easy and hassle-free.

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