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Keep taking orders even when the internet is down

Most cloud-based POS systems can’t cope without internet access. Credit cards stop working, printers stop working and revenue drives to a halt. This is unacceptable for restaurants considering how often internet services have outages.

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The power of the cloud with the stability of an on-site server

Rezku is a hybrid POS that operates both cloud based and on-site, securely storing your data, to smooth over any interruptions to the internet.

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Keep printing orders to the kitchen and using kitchen displays even when the internet is down

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Ring in orders and open them on multiple POS stations – it’s business as usual, even without internet access

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Don’t worry about losing data while offline, sales and transaction data syncs to the cloud automatically when your internet connection is restored

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Blackouts. Hurricanes. Rezku is Bulletproof.

Your internet or power may be unavailable for extended periods, such as in the case of natural disasters. Rezku customers can continue to take credit card payments and store payment authorizations for up to three days.

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72 hour encrypted payment data storage so you can still close checks no matter the odds.

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Credit authorizations are automatically uploaded to your payment processor when the internet becomes available.

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Rezku POS stations and card readers run on battery, so our customers can continue to make sales – even in blackout conditions.

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