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Order Management

Agile order management for service excellence

Rezku manages restaurant orders for ease of operations, increasing your team’s efficiency, reducing errors and giving you instant access to all order data. Whether 3rd party pickups or table-seated diners, from start to finish, Rezku’s intuitive order management is a powerful system that your team will love.

Order Management

Rezku’s 10-minute training gets servers up to speed

Rezku has the fastest POS training because it’s so easy to use. Order by table seat, by phone or online. Take orders the way guests think, with conversational modifiers. Servers and bartenders can be trained to take orders in about 10 minutes with our included getting started videos.

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Rezku is as easy to use as an iPhone. Add products to guests' orders with a tap. Adding modifiers is just as easy.

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Need to view to-go orders? Just tap the to-go orders tab. Rezku is designed to work the way you imagine it should.

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Close-out orders in an instant. Just tap checkout and the payment type. It’s really that easy!

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Manage kitchen orders from every channel

Kick kitchen production into high-gear, reducing errors and confidently preparing meals for online orders, phone orders and on-site dining. Set order pacing on the fly to keep the kitchen out of the weeds and production humming.

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Rezku features intelligent order pacing. Orders print to the kitchen based on prep time and slots to ensure perfect timing, every time.

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Rezku’s Smart Kitchen Display System gives Expo an unprecedented level of control over orders, with timers, rush and alerts.

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Get rid of the headache of having extra tablets for 3rd party app orders. Unify all your online app orders with direct integration into Rezku POS for greater speed and accuracy.*

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Oversee all orders instantly from your phone

With Rezku, owners and managers have instant access to all order data in Back Office on their phone or computer. Use the dedicated manager app to view order volume, search order history and monitor order activity and much more.

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View all payments, discounts and comps for every order from day one to today.

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Get a better understanding of your guests by viewing entire customer order history.

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Use KPI dashboard and reports in Back Office to track order profits and average spend per order.

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