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Split Checks

Flexible check splitting for table service

When guests want to pay separately, servers in full service restaurants need to split checks fast to meet customer expectations. No matter the party size or payment methods, Rezku’s flexible check splitting functions adapt to whatever situation your servers find themselves in.

Split Checks

Turn tables lightning fast with mobile check splitting

The party has finished dining; they want to pay and leave. Servers need to accommodate guests’ payment preferences and open the table for the next seating. Rezku’s rapid check splitting with pay at table speeds guests through the checkout process, for greater satisfaction.

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Split from the checkout screen with just a tap – the fastest check splitting there is.

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Increase guest satisfaction and reduce errors. Split checks include, items, seat numbers, totals and more.

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Maximize your dining space by paying split checks at the table with handheld POS tablets.

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Responsive, intuitive check splitting

Rezku has the most adaptable and accurate check splitting for full service restaurants, regardless of the number of splits and payment type.

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Split by seat, split orders, split by dollar or item – Rezku is ready with every kind of split you can imagine.

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Intuitive and quick, servers tell us that Rezku’s check splitting is a life-saver on busy nights.

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Splits are unrestricted by payment type; easily supporting a mix including cash, credit cards, gift cards, and more.

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